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 Resealable Sealing Tape with OPP liner

It is suitable for seal of HDPE plastic bags which have lots of advantages including good adherence and retentiveness , recycling usage,Special to leave side and easy to tear .

Technical state:
Siliconed Coated protection Film : OPP
Glue coated material and width: PET
Directive : glue on left , right or middle
Films colour : Blank or printing

Width of protection film : 15MM
Width of PET : 7MM
Width of (A/B):4/7MM
Package : 10ROLL X 1000M

Special size is customised .

Storage environment : Dry ,Ventilated
Storage temperature : 25≧

Resealable Sealing Tape
Special Resealable Tape
Permanent Sealing Tape
Siliconed Release Liner
Security Tape
Security Tear Tape
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